CPAC and the Conservative Clown Car

The Conservative Clown Car has arrived in Washington, and be prepared, all those they step on their way to power and money for the strong squirt of cyanide water your in face to come. The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is here to stay, and look out uppity negroes, I mean fraudulent voters, look out single mothers, I mean semen dumpsters, look out malnourished children, I mean moochers and takers. CPAC is here to put you out of your misery. One of the country’s best brain surgeons, Ben Carson, was the first clown out of the car yesterday morning. A moment for a digression, Ben Carson – brain surgeon. The irony is delicious. Any-who, the “Brain Surgeon”, as he is known while wearing his big red shoes said yesterday morning, “I’m for putting our healthcare in our hands rather than in the hands of some bureaucrat, and for balancing our budget, and for a fair taxation system that allows us to get rid of the IRS”. What has always amazed me about the Conservative demonization of the IRS the actual role the agency has played. Without all those arcane rules and regulations in place known only to the most sophisticated money changers, it would be much more difficult for the rich to hide their money, as it is reported they so very often do now to the tune of 21 trillion dollars. Also, let’s remember that Conservatives such as the “Brain Surgeon” are the ‘law and order’ brand, which is why they have taken to every tactic imaginable to defund the IRS, because when a negro, I mean ‘Fraudulent Voter,’ steals 150 bucks from a 7/11 its a crime, but when a Job Creator steals a few dozen million from America its “freedom”. Oh, and that “healthcare in your hands” bit, is probably meant quite literally, with the only healthcare millions would have would be from their very own two hands.

The next Clown to step out of the car, Scott “Koch Addict” Walker, the three times elected in four years governor of Wisconsin who has more top aides to prison than he does actually working in his office, and the man always ready to drop his pants for a needle full of Charles and David Koch, or at least a man pretending to be one brother or the other. The “Koch Addict” has cut taxes in Wisconsin by some 500 million dollars and now faces a deficit over almost two billion. He recently proposed a 300 million dollar cut in the University of Wisconsin state system, the largest cut in the history of Wisconsin. There is also the new funding formula that Governor “Koch Addict” is planning to use for Wisconsin’s technical and vocational schools that could result in loss of funding for those institutions. Care for seniors, and K-12 school funding, has also had its neck threatened with the guillotine with proposed cuts of nearly 130 million, and fifteen million dollars, respectively. However, some estimates suggest that the total impact of the cuts to care for seniors could approach 100 million dollars. Then there is the brand, spanking, new NBA arena for which he has offered to help pay, and the 1.3 billion dollars in loans he wishes to take on in order to finance the state’s transportation fund, which would necessitate nearly 23 percent of the taxes collected to pay for road maintenance and construction will go to paying off the interested accrued in borrowing the money to pay for the construction and maintenance of those very same roads with more to come after 2016. But the best part is, or the worst part if you are a human being with actual feelings, is that Governor “Koch Addict’s” claims to fame are his handling of the state budget, and the decrease in unemployment in the state. However, the University of Wisconsin system he desires to eviscerate has been the state’s biggest generator of jobs.

But this is all par for the course when it comes to the Conservative Clown Car. Unfortunately, perhaps the notion of a clown car is not the most apt description. Perhaps the most apt description of the Conservative movement that one could find is actually a parasite, or a cancerous tumor. Yes, cancerous tumor works best. Sure, it emerges from within the body, a collection of cells that fail to function properly, and continue to grow, spreading further, and further, and further until it eventually kills the host. These kinds of people will never be satisfied with compromise. The current Democratic Party, and its leader, President Obama, are more conservative than Republicans were forty years ago. No, these people will not stop until they have absolute control and an unconditional surrender in the war over control for the soul of America. They have been pushing the same exact ideas for three decades now: cutting taxes increases government revenue and creates jobs; forcing everyone to buy a photo voter identification won’t suppress the vote of minorities and the poor, it will solve the problem of voter fraud, a problem that doesn’t actually exist; that banks, and car companies, and nuclear reactors, and pretty much every industry on Earth can regulate themselves. As they slowly creep into every public service institution that this country has, setting fires, and then blaming the other side for not putting them out fast enough, or spending too much money on the hose and the water, so many of us keep expecting them to finally concede to a compromise, and begin working together in good faith. It will never happen. I think the best Republican president had it right when he knew that the only way to change the mind of a Conservative is with the sharp end of a Union bayonet.


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